Horse riding in Toledo

horse riding in toledo

The Toledo equestrian club is located 30 minutes from the Miluna bubble hotel, in the natural setting of the Sierra de Gredos. Among its numerous equestrian activities, it offers horse riding for all levels and desires.

Would you like to sleep under the stars?

Horse ride through Toledo nature


For those who are new to horseback riding in Toledo, we start with one of the simplest and most fun routes we can find.

This horseback ride through the Toledo nature is characterized by being led by an instructor during each of the Toledo routes through the Valley of the Tortolas. This beautiful valley runs through riverside landscapes, small orchards, semi-open pine forest areas and grove areas composed of ash, cherry and walnut trees.

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 50 minutes


The adventure of horseback riding


Are you one of those people who loves sports and the outdoors?

Our “adventure route” is without a doubt the most recommended horseback riding route for athletes and adventurers. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our guide, you will explore a wide variety of countryside landscapes while combining the views with physical exercise.

Difficulty: Easy – medium

Duration: 2h


Night horseback riding routes

For lovers of darkness and stars, we have created the “lunar route”. These wonderful Toledo night routes are carried out every full moon and with favorable weather conditions. This way we can see all kinds of astronomical spectacles.

This horseback riding route, like the others, has a monitor who will guide you through the Castilian fields so that you could enjoy a beautiful nighttime horseback ride in total safety. Although it is not necessary to have knowledge of horse riding to be able to do this route on horseback, it is also suitable for riders with some experience and who want to enjoy the amazing landscapes of Toledo in the light of the moon.

Difficulty: Easy – medium

Duration: 3h (Stop included)


And after the night horse ride?

What better way to relax before and after a nighttime horseback riding than in an authentic bubble hotel.

In these lunar rooms you can dismount, take off your boots and lie down on your lunar bed to contemplate the Milky Way from your bubble room.

Located 30 minutes from the equestrian center, you can get discounts for horseback riding while enjoying the incredible colors of dusk, the full moon and sunrise.

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