Bubble Hotel - Miluna

Would you like to sleep under the stars?

Our first goal is the full satisfaction of our customers

Enjoy starry nights from your “Luna” room

Disconnect from stress and live a new experience

Miluna is a hotel project in which our priority is the full satisfaction of our clients.

Enjoy your room called “Luna”, where you will enjoy starry nights with the new transparent roof of your moon.

Disconnect from stress and live experiences with our outdoor activities.

Are you thoughtful?

Gift an experience

Surprise someone with a bubble hotel gift. You will enjoy a unique night, connecting with nature, in a private moon with panoramic views of the sky. Invite someone for one night to discover a bubble hotel experience.

About us

Forget about traditional hotels or campsites and live a unique experience with our incredible bubble rooms that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature while having the characteristic comfort of a hotel. Enjoy incredible outdoor activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, golf, cycling routes, hiking, visits to wineries to taste wines, cheeses, oils and much more.

We are located in Hormigos, a small town in Toledo (Castilla la Mancha) away from light pollution and surrounded by nature, so that nothing disturbs your Miluna experience. Our bubble hotel is just 90 km from Madrid.

About us

We are located in Hormigos, a small town in Toledo (Castilla la Mancha) away from light pollution and surrounded by nature, so that the experience Miluna is complete at all times. Just 90 km from Madrid.

Miluna Services

Disfruta de un baño relajante en un hotel para ver las estrellas


In our flotarium, you can feel the same as if you were walking on the moon.


Enter a leafy environment full of life. Get on one of our bicycles to discover the nature that surround us.

Olvídate del camping de Cazalegas y ven a nuestra piscina


Lie down in our comfortable hammocks, along with a variety of fruits and products from the area, juices and cocktails.

Disfruta de las mejores escapadas rurales Toledo


A sensory experience full of well-being to relax and feel at one with the universe.

Fin de semana romántico en Toledo con tu hotel burbuja


Wake up on your bubble with our customized breakfast. We make it each morning with local ingredients and season products.

Disfruta de escapadas románticas en tu Hotel Burbuja Madrid


Choose between having dinner on your private room or in our restaurant, located a few steps from your moon.

Turismo astronómico, el mejor de los turismos
Lugares tranquilos dentro de tu habitación burbuja


Our bubble hotels are surrounded by different horse riding stables, get on the back of a horse and ride the roads of our land.

Hotel cúpula Madrid y hotel cúpula Toledo
En tu hotel burbuja España podrás dormir en una burbuja


If you are looking for adrenaline before resting in the room, you can choose from countless adventure activities. Parachute jumps, paragliding, climbing, kayaking…

Hotel burbuja España disfruta de los mejores paisajes


Discover the history of some of the most important cities of medieval Spain.

Realiza las mejores visitas a bodegas de la provincia de Toledo
Disfruta de los diversos tipos de catas de vino en la provincia de Toledo


➤ Visit wineries where you wine tasting.
➤ Taste Spain’s own cheeses.
➤ Visit the oil museum and taste Spanish oil.

Ven a dormir bajo las estrellas en tu Hotel Burbuja Madrid


You can take walks around your moon or hike to discover our iconic environment.

Ven a dormir en burbujas en tu hotel burbuja Madrid

Bubble hotel

Miluna is a bubble hotel, whose rooms have special characteristics since both the ceiling and the front of the room are transparent and all our rooms have non-professionals telescopes. These bubbles rooms are also known as lunar hotel.

Disfruta de tu hotel burbuja como si fuera un hotel astronómico

Astronomical hotel

Miluna is a bubble hotel where you can live experiences surrounded by nature but with the comforts of a conventional hotel, although it is not in itself an astronomical hotel since it does not offer professional astronomy services, you can enjoy all kinds of astronomical events.

Los mejores fenómenos astronómicos del año


Astrotourism is a way of understanding tourism associated with astronomical events and their observation. Enjoying astrotourism is much more interesting when we stay in a bubble hotel. You will be able to sleep under the stars enjoying the wonderful astronomical events.

Ven a disfrutar de una auténtica lluvia de estrellas en tu habitación burbuja

What to see in Toledo

Would you like to know what to see in Toledo? Rest in your bubble hotel at night and during the day visit the most charming places in the area. All of them are within a radius close to the Hotel Miluna, some of them are of great cultural interest and national heritage.

Luxury hotel

Miluna is a high-class luxury hotel, with a wide range of premium services and amenities, as well as a high level of customer service and elegant and sophisticated decor and furnishings. This hotel stands out for the privacy, comfort and additional luxury it offers.

Anniversary gift

An anniversary gift can be anything that shows love and affection for the person with whom you share your anniversary. One of the best popular gift ideas for anniversaries are romantic getaways, which allow you to share and create new experiences together.

Wedding anniversary gifts

Wedding anniversary gifts can be a way to celebrate and honour the length and commitment of a marriage. There is nothing better than giving the gift of a bubble hotel experience, as it gives the couple the opportunity to share unique, quality time together.

Starry night

A starry night in a bubble hotel is a unique and romantic experience that combines the privacy and tranquillity of a room with a breathtaking view of the stars. In a bubble hotel, during the night, guests can enjoy an unobstructed view of the constellations and can gaze at the night sky from the comfort of their bed or bathtub.

Romantic hotels

Miluna is one of the best romantic hotels, as it is an establishment that offers an ideal atmosphere and ambience for a romantic getaway or to celebrate a special occasion with your partner.

Romantic weekend getaway

A romantic weekend getaway to a bubble hotel is a short trip as a couple to celebrate a special occasion or simply to enjoy some time together. Romantic getaways at Miluna can include activities such as wine tastings, couple’s massages, romantic dinners…

Romantic getaway

Miluna is the ideal place for a romantic getaway as a couple, as this hotel offers privacy and tranquillity. In addition to a magnificent breakfast or the possibility of a couple’s massage, among many other activities. The most important thing is to choose a place that reflects the tastes and preferences of both and allows you to create a connection and enjoy each other.

Romantic weekend

Spending a romantic weekend as a couple is an opportunity to enjoy quality time together and strengthen your relationship. And there is no place more romantic than a bubble hotel, where you can enjoy the best views of the stars from the comfort of the rooms with your partner.

Spa weekend

At Miluna you can spend an incredible and relaxing spa weekend. You can enjoy the different massage sessions on offer or live a unique and exclusive experience with a relaxing flotarium session.

Spa hotels

Spa hotels are a popular choice for those seeking relaxation and wellness. At Miluna, in addition to a unique experience with their bubble rooms and all the amenities they offer, you can enjoy a relaxing experience with their different massages or with their flotarium sessions.

Gift experiences

Gift experiences are always the best option as you can share quality time and enjoy the many activities on offer. Live an unforgettable experience in Miluna with its incredible bubble rooms and all the comforts they offer.

Honeymoon suites

At Miluna we know that one of the most important things after the wedding are the honeymoon suites. This is the room where the couple will spend their first night as husband and wife, so it must be perfect. On our website you can check out all the additional packages we offer to make this night truly magical.

Couple getaway

A couple’s getaway is the perfect gift for a couple who need some time to relax and reconnect. There are many things you can do on a getaway, but none like staying in a bubble hotel like Miluna. You will be surrounded by nature, while enjoying the comforts that this luxury hotel has to offer.

Gift for a couple

There are many options to choose from as a gift for a couple, depending on their interests and personal preferences. But one of the best options is to give them the opportunity to spend quality time together in a bubble hotel. Don’t hesitate to give one of our gift boxes and surprise your partner with the best gift.

Fine hotels and resorts

Finding fine hotels and resorts is very easy, although there are all over the world and they all offer an experience of luxury and comfort. One of the best luxury hotels or resorts is Miluna located near Madrid. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful views offered by its bubble rooms and all the services it offers.

Wedding gifts for couples

There is no better wedding gift for couples than a bubble hotel experience. We offer different gift boxes for you to choose the one you like the most or if you prefer you can also personalise the experience completely to make your gift even more special.

Romantic hotel night

Spending a romantic hotel night can be a very special experience for a couple. Especially if it is at Miluna, an amazing bubble hotel that allows its guests to enjoy all the comforts that a luxury hotel has to offer. Remember that the key to a romantic night in a hotel is to have time to enjoy each other and make memories together.

Romantic hotel near me

If you are looking to stay in a “romantic hotel near me” and you are in Madrid, just 90km away in a village called Hormigos, you will find Miluna. Enjoy the best experience in a bubble room and all the activities it offers.

Romantic getaway near me

If you are in Madrid or Toledo, planning a “romantic getaway near me” is very easy. You have the best bubble hotel nearby where you can enjoy an unforgettable getaway with your partner. Enjoy the activities and services that will make your experience even more unique and personal.

Five star hotels near me

If you are in Madrid or Toledo, finding “five-star hotels near me” is not a difficult task, as you will find many options. But certainly none as special as Miluna, thanks to its bubble rooms and luxurious facilities, allows guests to enjoy a unique experience.

Proposal of marriage

A proposal of marriage is a unique and exciting moment in a couple’s life. And to create this special moment there is no better place than miluna’s bubble rooms, create a 100% romantic atmosphere by personalising the room with our special assortments.


Glamping is a combination of “camping” and “glamping”, and refers to a more luxurious and comfortable form of camping. It is a popular choice for those who want to enjoy nature and escape from urban life, but also want extra comforts and luxuries.

Romantic getaway for two

A romantic getaway for two is an opportunity to disconnect and spend time together in a relaxing and romantic atmosphere with your partner. Remember that the most important thing is to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. Make sure you choose a place that allows you to enjoy the getaway together.

Cheap getaway for couples

While a luxurious romantic getaway can be quite expensive, at Miluna you can have a cheap getaway for couples. To do this you can follow these tips: choose our most economical moon and come in low season periods. This way you can enjoy all the luxury that MIluna has to offer at a great price.

Starry night sky

A bubble room with a view of the starry sky is a unique and romantic option for a special getaway. In these rooms, you can see the stars and the moon while comfortably curled up in bed. At Miluna you can find the best bubble rooms to enjoy a starry sky.

Romantic weekend getaway for two

If you are looking for a romantic weekend getaway for two, Miluna is the ideal place. Its bubble rooms are equipped with the best quality for guests to enjoy the comforts of a luxury hotel. We also offer various activities and services that will allow you to spend quality time as a couple.

Romantic night

A romantic night in a bubble hotel is the perfect opportunity to live a unique accommodation experience, where you and your partner can enjoy the starry sky and nature at its best, without sacrificing comfort and safety. Miluna’s bubble rooms are equipped with a large and comfortable bed, elegant and modern furniture, air conditioning, private bathroom…

Star shower

A meteor shower is a fascinating and romantic astronomical event that occurs when the Earth crosses the orbit of a comet or asteroid and cosmic dust particles burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere, creating a light show in the night sky. Spending it in a bubble room is a unique opportunity to observe and enjoy shooting stars and the starry sky in all its glory.

Experiences to give as a gift

If you are looking for an experience to give as a gift, a night in Miluna is the best option. On our website you can find the different gift boxes we offer. You can also choose a personalised box and give a unique and original experience as a gift.

Romantic dinner and accommodation

Finding a place that offers a romantic dinner and accommodation is no easy task.  At Miluna we offer you the opportunity to personalise this experience to the maximum with our additional services. You and your partner can enjoy a romantic evening in the moonlight.

Romantic weekend near me

If you are in the Madrid or Toledo area, planning a “romantic weekend near me” is very easy. In Miluna’s bubble rooms you can enjoy an unforgettable weekend with your partner. Come to our bubble hotel and enjoy a unique and romantic experience near you.

Getaway with private jacuzzi

A getaway with a private jacuzzi is an excellent option for a romantic getaway as a couple. The private and relaxing atmosphere that can be created with the private jacuzzi makes this experience very special. If you are looking for a relaxing and romantic getaway, this option could be an excellent choice for you and your partner.

Zen hotel

A zen hotel is an excellent choice for those looking for a place of rest and relaxation, in a peaceful and harmonious environment. If you are interested in relaxation and connection with nature, Miluna can be an excellent choice for you. With all its facilities and services it offers you will have a unique experience.

Original weekend

At Miluna you can spend an original weekend with your partner. Starting with its fantastic bubble rooms equipped with all the comforts of a luxury hotel. In addition, the hotel has numerous activities and services available for all guests.

Hotels for a romantic night

Miluna’s rooms offer its guests the possibility to spend a romantic night. We know that it is not easy to find hotels for a romantic night and that is why we give you everything you need to create a 100% romantic atmosphere. In addition to the incredible views that these rooms offer, you can personalise your night with our special services.

Bubble Hotel

A bubble hotel is a unique and exciting option for those looking for a different accommodation experience, surrounded by natural beauty and with a romantic atmosphere. If you are interested in spending an unforgettable night under the stars, the Miluna hotel is an excellent choice.

Activities for couples

There are many activities you can do as a couple to strengthen your relationship and spend some quality time together. At Miluna you can do many activities with your partner such as: a romantic bike ride, horse riding with your partner, a massage session for two, a photo shoot around the hotel, enjoy a romantic wine tasting…

Original weekend for couples

Spending an original weekend as a couple can be an unforgettable experience and a unique way to create lasting memories together. The best idea to spend a weekend with your partner is to go to a bubble hotel, as there is no more original plan than sharing a bed under the stars and enjoying the incredible facilities they offer.

Bubble hotel near Toledo

Staying in a bubble hotel near Toledo offers you the chance to live an unforgettable experience. Miluna, the best bubble hotel, is located in a village near Toledo called Hormigos. Its location is due to the low light pollution that this place has in order to give more privacy to its guests.

Romantic night hotel jacuzzi

Spending a Romantic night hotel jacuzzi can be an incredibly relaxing and sensual experience to enjoy as a couple. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique and relaxing experience as a couple, a romantic night in Miluna can be the perfect option, as some of the rooms have a jacuzzi so you can enjoy an amazing romantic night.

Bubbles to sleep in

Sleeping in a bubble room can be a unique and exciting experience. At Miluna the rooms are characterised by a transparent bubble design, allowing guests to sleep under the stars and be in direct contact with nature.

Romantic getaway near Madrid

A romantic getaway near Madrid is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy a few days together in a different atmosphere without having to go far away. Miluna is the ideal option for a getaway as you will not only enjoy its incredible rooms but you will also be able to do numerous activities with your partner.

Original getaway for two

An original getaway for two at the Miluna Hotel is the ideal plan to spend time with your partner and strengthen your relationship. The bubble rooms available will make the experience 100% original, and thanks to its facilities you will have all the comforts at your disposal.

Romantic weekends as a couple

If you want to spend romantic weekends as a couple, there are many interesting options to consider, the best option is undoubtedly to spend it in Miluna’s bubble rooms. The important thing is to find the option that best suits your tastes and preferences, to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Romantic getaway romantic hotel with jacuzzi in the room

If you are looking for a unique and relaxing experience as a couple, a romantic getaway in a romantic hotel with jacuzzi in the room may be the perfect option. Without a doubt, Miluna is the ideal option to enjoy an unforgettable getaway.

Bubble hotels near Madrid

If you are looking for a unique and exciting experience as a couple, staying in a bubble hotel near Madrid is your ideal option. Miluna is a hotel located 90km from Madrid that will make you and your partner have an unforgettable experience.

Rural getaway for couples

A rural getaway can be an excellent option for couples looking to get away from the noise and stress of the city and enjoy a quiet and relaxing atmosphere in the middle of nature. Miluna is the ideal place for this, it is a hotel located in a village in Toledo called Hormigos.

Rural getaway with jacuzzi

A rural getaway with a jacuzzi can be a very relaxing and romantic experience to enjoy as a couple. In some of the rooms at Miluna you can find jacuzzis in the private garden so that you and your partner can enjoy an unforgettable getaway.

Bubble houses

Bubble houses are a type of accommodation that is gaining popularity around the world. These houses are made of transparent materials, such as polycarbonate or PVC, and are designed to offer guests a unique experience of sleeping under the stars, in contact with nature.

Charming hotels

Charming hotels are accommodations that are characterised by their uniqueness, style, decoration and attention to detail. Miluna is a clear example of this type of hotel, as our staff is usually highly trained to offer personalised attention and help guests feel comfortable and at ease.

Couples experience

Couples experience is an excellent way to create memories and strengthen the emotional ties between two people. There is no better place for this than spending a night in a bubble hotel enjoying its facilities and activities with your partner.


The flotarium is a relaxation experience that takes place in a kind of tank or capsule that is filled with water and Epsom salts. When submerged in the water, the person floats in a gravity-free environment, which helps to relax the muscles and reduce stress.

Getaways for couples

Couples getaways are a great way to enjoy quality time together and get away from the daily routine. A perfect getaway to spend with your partner is to go to a bubble hotel and enjoy all the facilities and activities offered by Miluna.

Hotel with jacuzzi in Toledo

If you are looking for a hotel with jacuzzi in Toledo, Miluna is your ideal hotel. Miluna is located in a village near Toledo, so that guests can enjoy a place away from light pollution. It also offers greater privacy thanks to the fact that it is surrounded by nature.

Sleep in a bubble

Sleeping in a bubble is a unique and unforgettable experience that allows you to feel like you are sleeping under the stars and in contact with nature, in this type of accommodation, the bubble is designed to provide a comfortable and cosy experience. In addition, Miluna offers additional activities, such as a dinner under the stars, astronomical observation, bike rides…

Wedding night

A wedding night in a bubble room is an increasingly popular choice for couples looking for a unique and romantic experience. Bubble rooms are transparent structures that allow guests to enjoy views of the night sky and nature, while ensuring privacy and comfort.

Experiences to give to a couple

If you are looking for experiences to give a couple, Miluna gives you the opportunity to give them a unique and romantic experience. There is nothing better than giving a couple the chance to stay in a bubble and enjoy all its comforts.