Get to know our hotel near Madrid and live the best experience


We invite you to discover our hotel near Madrid, a charming bubble hotel that will surely surprise you.

We offer an outdoor experience surrounded by nature so you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You will connect with the environment thanks to our wonderful activities, we have a wide variety such as horseback riding, hiking or our wine tastings.

You will disconnect from problems and live an unforgettable trip, sounds good right? In addition, we offer high quality services so that nothing is missing.

At night you can sleep under the stars and observe them directly with our telescopes.

Find out more at and book this magnificent experience.

Would you like to sleep under the stars?

Rural hotel, a unique and original experience


Spend some incredible days in a rural hotel. We offer you the best stay so you can enjoy the surroundings and disconnect from your problems. We have a lot of activities you can choose from:

-horse trail

-bicycle route



-visit the city

-Adventure activities


-Wine Route

At night you can see the stars from your bubble room, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale. You will be surrounded by a magical atmosphere with the help of visits to the landscape, stars, constellations and the real moon.

With this storybook experience you have a private garden, a bathtub with views of the sky, a mini bar, a private moon so you can enjoy the views all night, and a delicious breakfast in the morning.

Visit and find out, we are waiting for you!


Enjoy a few days in our natural resort


Discover an experience full of surprising activities and surrounded by a natural environment in our natural resort.

You can enjoy connecting with the nature that surrounds you with our hiking activities, or our bicycle routes, and for the most daring and animal lovers we offer horseback riding routes that will have a lot of fun.

We invite you to attend our wine tastings, where you can taste our own wines and discover our century-old wineries.

You will have all the comforts at hand and surrounded by nature, who wouldn’t want to live this experience? We will make sure that you have all your needs covered so that you are comfortably enjoying the best experience in a wonderful environment.

Get to know us at and take a look at all our services and come spend a few days with us.









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