Sleeping under a starry night near Toledo

Observing the sky and the stars is a really beautiful activity; the constellations are able to fill us with hope thanks to their brightness. Observing the immense sky and its grandeur is likely to provide us with a series of questions regarding the Earth.

Contemplating the firmament and its beautiful creation while looking for shooting stars to make wishes, is an activity that among all the day-to-day things we forget how magical it is and how it helps us to reflect on ourselves.

Inside the city, it is difficult to appreciate a starry night, between the light pollution and the noise of the city, this magic is lost. However, a getaway near Toledo is a perfect place to sleep under the stars and recover that magic.

Would you like to sleep under the stars?

A special night in a lunar base in a desert landscape near Toledo.

In the city we tend to live on automatic, doing different activities every day and where time feels like it doesn’t give up on us, so it is essential to take a break and connect with ourselves. Enjoying a desert landscape on the outskirts of the city is just what you need to take time out and appreciate the little things in life.

For this, experiencing a special night on a moon base is the perfect plan to enjoy a starry night.  You can live this experience in the middle of a desert landscape and still enjoy the best comforts. A night on a moon base is a night where you will enjoy rooms in the form of transparent bubbles where you can appreciate a beautiful starry night from the comfort of your bed.

Getting away from the city for a few days helps to improve your mood and with that, you can better enhance your daily activities. Breathing fresh air, contemplating the sky in its different facets and enjoying nature helps us to release serotonin; the hormone of happiness.


Stargazing under a glass dome

Stargazing is one of the most beautiful ways to meditate; it is ideal for stress relief and mental wellbeing, as it calms the mind and provides rest. Stargazing helps to find a moment of relaxation and even another perspective on life.

Now you can observe the beautiful starry sky as if you were inside a glass dome with maximum comfort. Where, in addition to finding calm and mental clarity, you can also rest surrounded by the best comforts.

Enjoy a beautiful starry night, on the outskirts of the city, with a desert landscape near Toledo and booking one of Miluna’s bubble rooms where you can sleep while watching the beautiful illuminated sky, just what you deserve and need.

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