Original Weekend as a Couple

Original weekend as a couple

An “Original Weekend as a Couple” is essential to strengthen relationships and share unforgettable moments with who you love.

A weekend getaway or a bridge, on the outskirts of the city, can help improve and strengthen relationships can even help you recharge.

What better way to do it than in glamping?

Glamping combines the best of both worlds; nature and luxuries, that’s right, although it sounds unbelievable

It is possible to enjoy nature without giving up the comforts we have in our home such as a bathroom, a bed or even hot and exquisite food, all this in the middle of nature

Romantic hotel

To enjoy an original weekend as a couple it is essential to choose correctly the place where we are going to stay and where we are going to experience those unforgettable nights.

The Miluna Hotel is characterized by being an unconventional hotel.

it has an astronomical concept where you can sleep in a “bubble room” or “bubble moon”.

where you can “put the moon at the feet” of the person you love so much.

since by its design with transparent walls you can see the sky from your bed without the need to leave your room.

Boutique hotels

Charming hotels are currently the preferred options of all romantics.

They stand out for being away from the city where you can enjoy greater intimacy with your partner and strengthen the love bond.

The Miluna Hotel is a different hotel very close to Madrid, where you can live a unique experience with your partner and enjoy an evening under the stars.

Original couple gifts

An original gift is closely linked to an unforgettable experience and is just what you will get at Hotel Miluna.

Being a glamping located in the middle of nature.

Where to observe the starry night is possible thanks to being away from light pollution, you can enjoy a different and romantic moment with your partner.

Original hotels

There are different hotels in big cities, some more luxurious than others but the vast majority conventional. A bubble hotel in the middle of nature is a charming hotel.

Surely it once crossed your mind to enjoy a romantic evening under the stars but without having to give up the comforts of home, and it is just this and more, what the Hotel Miluna offers you.

Come and live the experience of an original weekend as a couple isolated from the city, where romanticism and stars are the only thing that matters.

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