Would you like to sleeping in a bubble?

Sleeping in a bubble is a new trend derived from “glamping”, a combination of the concepts of glamour and camping. Bubble hotels are outdoor rooms with a transparent bubble structure (as the name suggests), where there are no blinds or curtains. But they have privacy because they are located in small separate plots with their own fence.

Spend the night in a bubble

Sleeping in a bubble is a great way to rescue a romantic view of the world.

On the other hand, a bubble room is a wonderful accommodation for nature lovers. By sleeping in a bubble you will have the possibility to connect with a new, more primitive way of perceiving the world. When humans travelled far and wide and slept under the light of the stars. seguidamente

In a bubble room, you will also be able to let yourself be carried away by the feeling of immensity, thanks to the unique rural environment you will be surrounded by.

Enjoy our moons and its comforts

Connect with the intimacy of the cosmos from a king-size canopied bed and merge with your surroundings as you bathe under the starlight.

At night, investigate the celestial realm with the telescope and astronomy manuals; in the morning, savour a leisurely breakfast of organic and local foods.

Neptune’s Moons

In our Neptune’s Moons bubble room you will be transported in orbit around the most distant planet in the Solar System. You will also live the experience of integrating yourself into the twilight of the Sun: while you enjoy a bath in the outdoor whirlpool, inside the intimate private garden that will allow you to explore the night with the telescope.

Private moon of a 35m2 space with: grandiose sky views, private garden enclosed by greenery, king size canopy bed, sky view bathroom, telescope, outdoor whirlpool inside the grounds, minibar and a “Miluna” breakfast. Inmediatamente

Jupiter’s Moons

They are the largest satellites in Jupiter’s orbit, and inside you can do things like: take a bath with a view of the sky, rest in a huge bed under a blanket of stars and wake up to the rhythm of nature, tasting a delicious local breakfast.

Private Moon of 30m2 with: panoramic views of the sky, private garden surrounded by vegetation, King Size bed with canopy, bathtub with views of the sky, telescope, minibar and Miluna Breakfast. mientras

Saturn Moons

Its bubble rooms are as exceptional as the planet they correspond to, the only one with rings evident from Earth. Integrate with its ambience from the outdoor whirlpool bath surrounded by the intimacy of aromatic plants, and sip your favourite drink from your moon’s living room. durante más tarde

Private 40m2 moon with: panoramic windows to the sky, private orchard surrounded by greenery, king size bed with canopy, shower overlooking the celestial court, telescope, outdoor hot tub inside the plot, living room, minibar and Miluna Breakfast.

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