Carbon Emissions Offset Carbon Emissions Offset

Sustainable actions

At Hotel Miluna we are committed to the effort and involvement with our people and our planet.
Our hotel is, and always will be, focused on health, sustainability, recycling, social action and environmental care.

  • REFORESTATION PROJECTS OR CONSERVATION OF NATURAL AREAS Since the beginning of our project we have believed that reforestation and conservation of our area was very important. Therefore, we have planted more than 500 trees on our lodge. Currently, we continue to do so on a monthly basis with new plantings. We have planted all kinds of trees and shrubs, to give intimacy to our rooms, decorate them naturally and also help the environment as much as possible. We are always accompanied by an expert, a landscaper, who advises and helps us when choosing the species that best suit our area.
  • PROJECTS TO PROMOTE LOCAL ACTIVITY: SUPPORT FOR PRODUCERS, ARTISANS, WORKSHOPS, ACTIVITIES, GUIDES, ETC Since we arrived in Hormigos, Castilla La Mancha, we decided to go for small local producers who work well with the product. So all the food that is given in our accommodation comes from such suppliers, always betting on a quality product and the area. Before working with them, we like to visit them to see how they work and to know that what we are offering goes hand in hand with the sustainability and development of the neighboring areas. In addition, we promote tourism in the area with local activities of all kinds. We have our own vegetable garden to use some of the products that our own land offers us
  • SUPPORT FOR SOCIAL PROJECTS AND NGOS Since 2022, we have been collaborating with the Robingood company where their products are food with soul, as they are made by people at risk of social exclusion. These are products that we put in the mini bars of all our rooms. We collaborate with NGOs by lending rooms to carry out actions that interest them to promote themselves, to make themselves known. For example, through give aways on Instagram that offer the opportunity to come and live the Miluna experience.
  • CARBON FOOTPRINT REDUCTION We offset all the emissions produced in our lodge. We work with a company called REFLORA to study and analyze all the emissions we produce annually, and then offset them in sustainable rural development projects and tree planting. Specifically we are investing in a project of replanting chestnut trees in Peru and rural development of the families that live from it.
  • RECYCLING We recycle all the products we consume at the lodge (cardboard, glass and plastic). All our glass bottles are returnable, so we return them to the supplier to be reused.
  • CHARGING FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES Committed to the environment, in Miluna we are part of the club of rural hotels with electric chargers. We have a Porsche brand electric charger that we provide free of charge to those customers who wish/need it.
  • OTHER PRODUCTS AND MESSAGES IN THE HOTEL We use fully recyclable coffee capsules in our rooms. We use cleaning products from suppliers with sustainable certification. Waste reduction through the use of soap dispensers. We display sustainable messages in different parts of the hotel. For example, in the bathrooms of all our rooms we put a message of responsible water use.