A thousand places to discover

Our moons are located in a unique spot, far from noise and pollution. An environment that offers countless possibilities for adventurers and people who love the peace and quiet of nature.

We provide a range of activities for you to enjoy our environment before nightfall. Please consult us in advance and we will carefully prepare your reservation.


Discover our orbits on foot

At Miluna, we are familiar with some of the best tracks and trails in the region. Ranging from walks around your moon to excursions that will reveal the beauty of our iconic landscape. A unique opportunity to discover the land that surrounds us.

Cycling routes

Surround yourself with nature

Go deep into the heart of nature, in a lush and vibrant landscape. Take a bike ride to discover the orbits that surround us.


Taste the flavours of the local soil

Oils, wines... The region of Castile offers a wide range of gastronomic treats. Savour the amazing varieties of our region and discover its hidden treasures.

• Visit a local winery with a wine-tasting session included. Discover centuries-old wineries and savour our local protected origin wines. Allow your taste buds to enjoy select and organic wines.

• Visit to an olive grove with oil-tasting session included. Learn to enjoy all the subtleties of one of our region’s most precious treasures - olive oil.

Horseback riding trails

Enjoy the landscapes of Castile on horseback

Miluna is surrounded by a number of horse-riding clubs. Hop in a saddle and enjoy a trek in the local countryside.

Historic cities

Metropolises with history

It is always a pleasure to walk around the old quarters of Toledo, Talavera or Ávila. Discover the history of some of the most important cities in medieval Spain.


Activities prior to a relaxing evening

If you fancy an adrenaline rush prior to a relaxing evening in your moon, you can choose from a wide range of adventure activities, such as parachute jumping, paragliding, climbing or kayaking... So you can flow along with nature from many of its different perspectives.


Golfing evenings

If you are the type of person who travels with his/her golf clubs, we have some of the region’s best golf courses just a few kilometres from our moons.

Wine Tourism

Wine route Méntrida

Live memorable experiences with a common denominator, wine, and toast to it.
Discover the perfect combination of wines and charming accommodations in the framework of the wine territories and landscapes, capable of awakening surprising sensations.